Welcome to my Incredibox Archive Project! Select a version and have fun playing!

M&Ms Bite Size Beats v1 (Fun Up):

M&Ms Bite Size Beats v1 (Fun Up)

M&Ms Bite Size Beats v2 (Jessie J):

M&Ms Bite Size Beats v2 (Jessie J)

Axe Boat:

Axe Boat

Disclamer: This is a fan recreation, I do not own the rights to Incredibox, Bite Size Beats, or Axe Boat, all rights go to Mars Inc, So Far So Good, and Axe.

PS: I know that Flash has discontinued and it has left Axe Boat essentially unplayable without jumping through some hoops. However, if you want to continue playing the game post Flash discontinuing, it is on the project Flashpoint, and it does not require Flash to be installed.

And before you ask, no it does not work with Ruffle. It requires AS3 support, which Ruffle does not do very well at the moment. Once it is supported in Ruffle, I will attempt to add it to this website.